has an exclusive offer for their Vsat customers.

The PAYG or Pay as you Go service plans are now available on all Vsat antennas (KVH, Seatel, Intellian, Sailor Vsat…).

Activation of non-KVH antennas on the KVH network will be managed remotely by our engineering team.

PAYG Advantages:

  • No plan commitment meaning that data is always available.
  • Degressive rates based on actual data usage.
  • Detailed usage information is available in real-time from MyKVH and Global Satellite.
  • Category controls on MyKVH to control or block unwanted Internet activities.
  • Usage warnings to email and SMS on My KVH.
  • A separate unlimited channel with 128/64Kb included free of charge (on the 67cm and large antennas).
  • Unrestricted use with no cap or FUP.
  • Voice services included (call termination charges billed according to the call’s destination).
  • Prepaid data will roll over indefinitely until used up and billed at volume-based pricing.

PAYG for 37-45cm systems:

  • PAYG  Up to200Mb $1.99 per Mbyte
  • PAYG. Up to 500Mb $0.99 per Mbyte
  • PAYG. Up to 1 Gb $0.80 per Mbyte
  • PAYG  Up to 5 Gb $0.60 per Mbyte
  • PAYG  Up to 10 Gb $0.45 per Mbyte
  • PAYG  10Gb or more $0.35 per Mbyte

PAYG for 60cm and above systems:

  • Up to 200Mb $0.99 per Mbyte
  • Up to 500Mb. $0.80 per Mbyte 
  • Up to 1Gb $0.50 per Mbyte
  • Up to 10Gb $0.40 per Mbyte 
  • Up to 100Gb $0.20 per Mbyte 
  • 100Gb or more $0.10 per Mbyte
  • UL1 128/64 Kb unlimited bandwidth-based services are included free of charge.
  • ELITE unlimited high-speed services are available daily, weekly and monthly on demand.

Support and integration:

Or support team is available to help you out 24/7 to ensure that your Vsat services are satisfied.

The seamless integration of other services, such as Starlink and OneWeb, is available with the KVH Tracnet antennas.

Other antennas can be integrated using existing Wan controllers or our fully automatic WAN controllers.

Please get in touch with Martin for any further information or questions you may have:


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